The College of Law “Femida” was established in 2000. The founder of the college is the doctor of legal sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Legal Sciences (AYUN) Zhunusov Bakhtybai Zholzhaksynovich.

The College of Law “Femida” is the only professional college in the city of Karaganda and the Karaganda region, which teaches only one of the specialty “jurisprudence”. Upon graduation, students are awarded the qualification of “Legal Counsel”. In our school, it acts and gives its qualitative results, a clear planning scheme both in the field of teaching and in the field of education

The college has a stable and highly professional team. Most of the teachers are candidates, masters, teachers of the first and the first category.

The College of Law “Femida” has an excellent material and technical base: a modern large library, computer classes equipped with the latest technology, specialized rooms, courtroom, forensic room, forensic testing room.

The day department is a structural subdivision of Femida Law College. For our students, the college holds a lot of interesting after-hour activities, sports events, intellectual games and KVN, there is a choreographic club. In addition, scientific and research circles work on special disciplines and social and social and humanitarian disciplines. YAC College makes everything to the life of our students was interesting and exciting, organizes guided tours and musical evenings with the performance of college activists. Meetings with employees of state bodies of the city of Karaganda and the Karaganda region is one of the forms for students to become familiar with their future profession. Training in full-time department is carried out on a paid contractual basis. At the full-time department of Femida Law College you can get legal education in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

The correspondence department is also a structural unit of Femida Law College. Training at the correspondence department is carried out on a paid contractual basis. At the correspondence department of Femida Law College you can get a law degree in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

Admission to the college is carried out in accordance with the Model Rules for the activities of educational organizations that implement educational curricula for technical and vocational education or post-secondary education, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the rules for admission to Femida Law College.

Rules of admission to the College of Law “Femida”

 The following are accepted for full-time education: (Article 20 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”):

1. Persons who graduated from grades 9-11 of secondary schools or received a secondary education in vocational schools (vocational schools) in a given year with a UNT certificate with 30 points and above. The term of study – for graduated 9 classes – 2 years 10 months, 1 year 10 months, graduated 11 classes. 

At the correspondence department are accepted: (Article 20 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”)

1. Persons who have completed 11 classes of secondary schools or have received secondary education in vocational schools (vocational schools) in a given year with a UNT certificate with 30 points or more – for a term of 1 year 10 months.

Documents for admission:

• Statement

• Education Certificate (original) + 1 copy

• Medical certificate (form 086-U), with a flow-image; 063 copy

• Five 3×4 photos


• Identity document, birth certificate and its copy.

• Address reference


– Registration certificate copy

            Applicants can pass online testing!

Graduates with a passing score of 25 or higher do not pass retesting for admission!

The correspondence department of Femida Law College has two sessions a year. Session includes: obligatory classroom studies, term papers, consultations.

At the beginning of each academic year, students of the correspondence department receive:

1 Schedule learning process

2 Work curriculum for the entire period of study

3 Material for self-training in the intersessional period in electronic form for courses and specialties.

For self-training in the intersessional period and the successful development of disciplines, students of the correspondence department are provided with an educational-methodical complex (CMD) in the specialty in the electronic version. CMD includes:

1 Thematic plan of discipline

2 Theoretical material

3 Tests for self-control of knowledge

4 Questions to prepare for the exam or test

5 Tasks, situations, practical work

6 The list of topics and guidelines for the implementation of the course work

7 List of recommended literature

Students of the correspondence department of the college have the opportunity to use the services of the library of Femida Law College

The library has:

—Specialized reading room;

– Reading room of legal and humanitarian literature;

– The bibliographic sector, where you will be assisted in the selection of literature, will be given reference and regulatory literature;

– multimedia technology center

For users:

– electronic catalog, which reflects the library fund

– textbooks and tutorials on electronic media;

– scanning documents and printing texts;

– work on the Internet;

College graduates have the opportunity to continue studying on preferential terms in full-time or part-time, distant form in the Central Kazakhstan Academy in the context of the following specialties (tab. 1)

Table 1

Specialty Brief description of the specialty Where can work   University specialties (after college)
1 2 3 4
0201000- “Jurisprudence” Qualification – 0201023 Study of all branches of law, the system of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, knowledge and interpretation of legal acts, protection of the rights and interests of citizens and organizations, legal regulation Notary and law firms, tax authorities, financial police, courts, banking, internal affairs and prosecutors, legal. departments of enterprises, population centers, registry offices, justice   Faculty of Law- “Law” Faculty of Finance and Economics- “State and local government” “Accounting and Auditing” “Financial” Faculty of Language and Translation- “Translation Studies” “Foreign Philology” “Foreign Language” “Kazakh Language and Literature” Faculty of Pedagogy and social work— “Informatics” Information systems “” Psychology “” pedagogy and psychology “” Defectology “” pedagogy and methods of primary education “” Social work “” Design ”

Education in the correspondence department is an effective way to get an education with a combination of work, an opportunity to achieve amazing results for your career and just life.

It remains only to make a decision, make the right choice and go to study at Femida Law College.         

Law College is waiting for its applicants. For more information, as well as the conditions of admission, tuition fees, you can find out by contacting: 47-98-68, 47-68-83 and cts.8-700-314-09-69.