The Library of Themis Law College is an integral part of the college and provides library and information support for the educational, educational and educational activities of the institution. The development of the library in the modern period is influenced by the process of reforming the education system, the introduction of new educational and library standards of the quality management system.

The fund is represented by scientific, educational, methodical, fiction, foreign editions, periodicals and continuing editions. The number of electronic information resources is growing.

Today, new information technologies have been introduced into the work of the library. The automated library information system “Library Business” is used.

The purpose of the library of Law College “Themis”:

Selection and acquisition of funds in accordance with the profile of the college, as well as storage of available information, providing access to information held by the library, as well as the organization of quality service

Library tasks:

The work of the library is based on the tasks arising from the educational work of the college:

– improving the quality of information and library services for educational and scientific processes of the college using traditional techniques and on the basis of modern information technologies; provision of high-quality information resources;

– the formation of a fund in accordance with the profile of the college and the information needs of users;

– full and operational library and information-bibliographic service for students, teachers, and other categories of college contingent in accordance with information requests;

– fostering students interest in working with the book, respect for the book.


• meeting information needs;

• organization of the department’s fund, its rational allocation, accounting, storage, placement;

• ensuring the safety of the department fund;

• interaction with the departments of the college on the formation of the fund and its popularization;

• consulting assistance to readers in working with documents and reference apparatus;

• popularization of the library fund by organizing book exhibitions.

Library Generated Databases

The electronic catalog includes databases:

1. Books;

2. Periodic;

3. Articles;

4. Electronic publishing.

The “Books” database reflects bibliographic information on documents presented in the central library of the Central Kazakhstan Academy: monographs, educational, reference and fiction.

The Periodicals database contains bibliographic information for periodical journals received by subscription.

The database “Articles” reflects bibliographic information on articles from collections and periodicals. The database has been maintained since 2017.

The database “Electronic publications” reflects bibliographic information on electronic publications available in the library

Service departments:

• subscription;

• reading room;

• reading room of periodicals.

Librarian of the Themis Law College:

Vorontsova LidiyaVladimirovna

Library Rules

Library users, their rights and obligations

1. The order of recording in the library:

1.1. students, faculty and other employees of the Central Kazakhstan Academy have the right to use the library;

1.2. the user fills in the registration card and becomes acquainted with the Library Use Rules.

2. Library users have the right to:

2.1. free use of the main types of library

information services and visit the library in accordance with the mode of its work;

2.2. receive full information about the composition of the library’s funds through the system of catalogs and card files, as well as use modern information carriers;

2.3. receive free advice on finding the necessary documents and choosing sources of information;

2.4. receive information about new documents received by the library;

2.5. receive from the library funds for temporary use documents for work in the reading room or on the subscription in accordance with the procedure for issuing a library and with a specified period of use determined by the library;

2.6. extend the period of use of the document in the absence of requests from other users for this document;

2.7. get access to electronic information resources in accordance with the Instruction on the use of computer equipment;

3. Library users must:

3.1. take care of books, other works of print and other materials obtained from the funds of the library; return them on time; not to take them out of the library premises, if they are not recorded in the form or other records; do not mark them, underscore; do not pull or bend the pages, do not damage; do not remove cards from catalogs and card files;

3.2. when receiving books, other works of print and other materials, carefully review them and in case of any defects, inform the duty librarian about it, otherwise the reader, who used the last edition, is responsible for damage to the books;

3.3. annually re-register with the presentation of all the literature listed in them in terms established by the library; users who have not passed re-registration are not served by the library;

3.4. upon leaving (expulsion, graduation, dismissal) from Themis Law College return to the library all documents received from the library fund, sign a detour with a note of the library about the calculation made;

3.5. keep order and cleanliness, turn off the sound signal of a mobile phone while in the reading room and library subscription, respect the rights of other users;

3.6. to hand over documents taken for use in the reading room 15 minutes before the end of the reading room

4. Responsibilities of library users:

4.1. users who violate these rules are deprived of the right to use the library for a period set by the library administration;

4.1.1. readers who have violated the rules for using the library for the first time receive a warning or are denied the right to maintain the library for two weeks; in case of repeated violation of the Rules, the reader is deprived of the right to use the library for a month or up to expulsion from the library;

4.2. readers responsible for the deliberate spoilage of publications are liable in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

4.3. readers responsible for the loss or damage of publications, are obliged to replace them with the same publications or their copies, or recognized library equivalent, and if it is impossible to replace – to compensate the real market value of publications.